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The origins of Sestriere found its roots in the early 30s of the 900, when, thanks to Senator Giovanni Agnelli, the founder of Fiat, the town began to develop as a prestigious holiday destination. Within a few years they were built in The Two Towers, which subsequently became the symbol of Sestriere, the three lifts, the Hotel Principi di Piemonte, and the golf course of the highest in Europe. The city had a short ledge arrest during the Second World War, but the 50s its growth was unstoppable in the years hosting the World Cup and the World Ski Championships, the Winter Olympics, the Tour of Italy, the Tour de France, important gatherings of vintage cars and much more.
Today Sestriere ski resort is located in the Milky Way, which includes 400 km of ski slopes divided in 8 locations in between France and Italy with a total of 163 tracks connected.

Panoramica d'epoca di Sestriere e le tre Funivie
Le tre Funivie

What made important Sestriere immediately was the construction of three cable cars leading to Mount Banchetta, Mount Sises and Mount Fraiteve, from which snow-lovers could enjoy the magnificent descents between the white expanse of the valley. It was also designed an alpine ski race called the "International Six Days", later reduced to three days and renamed "The Three lifts", which became especially famous during the 70s and 80s. When he was stopped, resumed as mountain running, to become even Italian Championship. The race still goes over the slopes of the famous ski slopes of Sestriere, a distance of 19 km with 1600 meters of altitude.


In the summer of 1986, three historic cable cars in Sestriere, active from the 30s, were dismantled. The oldest of these, the "Sestriere-Alpette-Sises" was built in 1931 and was divided into two parts: the first started from Sestriere and it eventually reached the peak at an altitude of 2300 meters Mount Alpette while the second went to the top of Sises mountain at an altitude of 2600 meters.Because it was the only possible way to reach Mount Sises at an altitude of 2600 meters, it was replaced with a ski lift that followed the path of the second part of the cable car. The Refuge Alpette was born in 1989 in the seat of the previous intermediate station of the cable car leading on Mount Sises and its slopes overlooking Sestriere and its slopes.

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